Living is more powerful than nostalgia.

You might long for your homeland, but you never wanted to leave here.

This is your present and future.

You lived life large and made yourself heard. You were recognized.

Not the baggage of your ancestry, just you.

This is the place that made you, groomed you, allowed you to be.

This is your world. A new world. Your home.

We are you. Our roots are back home. Our beginnings humble.

We share the same past. And the same present.

MediaOne is a channel that you have known, loved and accepted.

With MediaOne Gulf, we give you more reasons to celebrate.

With shows produced and shot exclusively in the Middle East, we are what you have been yearning for.

Your voices loud and clear, through our platform.

MediaOne Gulf is of you, by you and for you- a truly diasporic and entertaining television.